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Resources overview

Free resources. Browse, use, enjoy. Additional links, feedback, comments and critiques are welcome.

The big picture
The big picture is a collection of resources for people who would like to understand learning technology. The resources in this collection are focused on alignment with business goals and strategies. They avoid technical talk and unnecessary jargon.
Understanding standards
Overviews of learning technology standards. The overviews are written from a management and human perspective rather than a technical perspective. They are focused on what standards mean to you.
Competency data standards
Resources about the emerging and existing competency data standards and associated services. Learning is all about developing and assessing competence and various forms of competencies such as skills, knowledge and attitudes. These technical standards aim at supporting the tracking and management of the data required to assign learning objectives and track success in learning and performance.
SCORM - General
General, non technical resources for SCORM. They focus on trying to explain SCORM to normal human beings. They also deal with the place of SCORM in enterprise learning and education.
SCORM - Technical
Technical resources for SCORM content developers and implementers. Some of the resources are highly interactive. Others are not. They are geared to various levels of expertise. The most sought of those resources is probably The Eye of the SCORM, a primer for SCORM content developers with small practical, working examples.
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Bibliography, references and links
Miscellaneous references to management, instructional design, standards and technical works. When the work is available on the Web, a link is included.

Note: Direct links to specific files on this web site are not recommended, because files tend to change as knowledge and markets evolve. The safest links would direct people to this page, from which they should be able to easily find what they need.

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